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May 09, 2023
"Bummer of a company :("
I am currently in school to become a massage therapist.

Today, as I try to register one of the resource books I was given (brand new) at school, the website wouldn't show my new resource book. As I contact through chat one of their representatives, the person proceeds to tell me the book is discontinued from printing and that I need to buy a new version of the book.

Now mind you, after 20+ years of experience in Customer Service, the LEAST they could do is grant me access to the resources from the new book, since the book I registered was spanking brand new and I personally scratched off the code to register it, so I am not trying to scam them, but making sure that students and professionals are able to access needed materials SHOULD BE the company's priority.

SO WHAT is the old discontinued version? They can PERFECTLY allow me to browse and use the resources from the updated version without ANY inconvenience if they truly cared about helping.

It definitely shows the unhappiness people have towards the company when I see the ratings and reviews people have left here, giving the company barely 2 1/2 stars.
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February 17, 2023
"Don't ever expect your issue to be resolved."
The worst customer service experience. Their call back time is horrible, it's been 4 months, I've emailed 2 or 3 times, called about 6 or 7 and I still haven't had my issue resolved. Its all customer reps who keep telling you they will pass your message on to management, but im fairly certain management does not exist. Reps have told me a few times, management dont care about price or what not. I tried to change my plan because I'm a small practice, they approved me over the phone but never told me to not download any updates until I get my invoice. So i downloaded my updates after I got off the phone with the rep to have him call me back 3 days later saying the upper management declined because I downloaded. I stated to him, you never told me not to. And he said he sorry he will reach out.
Since then I've been trying to reach out to speak to management as it was completely not my issue. Keep in mind. I called November 2022 to discuss my invoice, opened up a case, and they returned my call Jan 2023. That's 2 months they expected me not to do any updates or downloads.
I've never looked elsewhere, so I can't compare costs whether they are expensive, but service wise. Don't, just don't. Look elsewhere.
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September 16, 2022
"very bad service"
very bad service, subscibed and purchased product from this company, paid my bill.
no product received, my rep is not responding
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February 22, 2022
"Many errors in my text"
customer service (chat) has been my best experience with them. So for that I would like to give a 5 start HOWEVER - i have found so many mistakes in my BASIC NURSING 11th edition its concerning. I have more knowledge than most of my classmates so when I see a mistake I can easily identify it (take screen shots and send to them). My issue is that there are SOOOO many errors that Could cost another student valuable points on class exams and on the STATE BOARDS. I can understand some mistakes. HOWEVER there are so many, I wonder if anyone is editing the text. I asked them how they will rectify this with all the other students who dont know about it? they didnt have an answer and said they prob wont. Very upsetting.

Another thing to mention. When I purchased my book at beginning of my semester they gave everyone a free eBook. Scratch off the inside for a code. Some students in class saw I was using it and wanted to do the same. There are many other features with eBook that arent offered on regular hard cover. When they reached out to the company to get help getting the EBook they said they wanted to charge them full price for the book because they changed their rules. All the students purchased their books the same time I did. They should be able to access it too.
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February 18, 2022
"They don't respond"
They don't respond. I was trying to contact to purchase ATX but no response, no return call, no email.
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September 28, 2021
"Horrible company to do business with"
Horrible company to do business with. I subscribed to a web version of their product. At the end of my subscription it will just not log you in. No would you like to subscribe or a way to get to your account to renew. When I first open the account it took me weeks to get my account set up. Everyone passed the email to another person. When an employee sent it to the correct department there was no response for weeks. But no one else can help you. No I just renewed and changed my password, when I attempted to log it I was locked out. Told me to contact the site administrator, only no links exist on the page. Once this subscription is up I am going back to the printed books. Can not imagine such an awful company stays in business.
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February 17, 2021
I have been chasing down a refund for over a month and a half. Every time I ask for a update on the status of the refund I am told that they will look into it and get back to me, which never happens. I had sent back the books in november 2020, its February 2021 now. It is ridiculous that it is taking this long to send me back the refund and even more ridiculous that I have been asking for the status of the refund for a month and no one has answers for me.
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